Friday, May 10, 2013

How to type Arabic letter in Word

Arabic keyboard (courtesy of Google)

This week I have an assignment to write some books in Arabic letter....kind like tricky.....never done before.....but thanks to Google who help me find such an easy step-by-step methods to be able to write in Arabic language...

Here they are.......

1.  Click "Start," then click "Control Panel," then click "Clock, Language, and Region." Click "Regional and Language Options" to load the necessary settings page. Click the "Keyboards and Languages" tab, then select "Arabic" from the "Supplemental languages Support" list. Click "Apply," then "OK," then close the control panel windows.

2. Click "Start," then "All Programs," then click "Microsoft Office," then "Microsoft Office Tools." Select "Microsoft Office Language Settings" (wording may vary depending on version). Click the "Enabled Languages" tab, then select "Arabic" in the "Available Languages" box. If Arabic does not appear with your operating system version, click "See Also" to help you locate the Arabic module for your operating system, then click "Add." Close the "Language Settings" once you have added Arabic.

3. Right-click the taskbar, and click "Toolbars," then "Language bar." A new toolbar will appear. Click both language drop-down menus, and select "Arabic" from each. The first refers to the input language and the second to the "Keyboard layout" button. Changing the second will enable Arabic layout keyboards. Microsoft Word will now be ready to use Arabic as its language.

Once you follow these instructions...try to type in your Word...if it doesn't work maybe you need to restart your computer first... :)

In this step you can only write Arabic without sign (harokah)....however if you are going to write with sign, free surf to the


Monday, January 7, 2013

True muslim women

"O consorts of the prophet! ye are not like any of (other) women; if ye do fear (Allah), be not too complacent of speech, lest one in whose heart is a disease should be moved with desire; but speak ye a speech (that is) just." (Al Ahzab - The Confederates : 32)

courtesy of Google

- True muslim women are not defined by their attractive body, instead by how they guard the body from indecent gazes

- True muslim women are not defined by their good deeds, instead by their sincere intention only to please Allah

- True muslim women are not defined by their beautiful voice, instead by guarding their tongue from wounding others

- True muslim women are not defined by their eloquent speech, instead by practicing what they preach

- True muslim women are not defined by the knowledge they possess, instead by how they use the knowledge to benefit them and others

- True muslim women are not defined by the number of men who adore them, instead by how they guard their virtue from all of those indecent attention

- My sisters, be women of virtue so we are respected and treasured. Our value is not on our body, voice, education or the numbers of men who want us.
Instead it is on how we can guard our virtue, explore our potential, and utilize all of our asset to please Allah swt.

May this benefit and inspire all muslim sisters.

(edited from ustad Jefry and translated by Alifah Ahmad)