Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hand prayer beads (tasbih tangan)

Subhanallah...HE is the best creator, the All-Knowing....

Every day when you walk in the Arab country either in shopping mall, traditional market or even in cineplex you will see many people bringing a prayer beads in their hand in order to remembrance Allah.
However if you forget to bring the beads with you doesn't mean you can't do it...
Allah created our hands to fulfil the needs to glorify HIM...

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As hadith said :

"I saw the Prophet counting beads readings (with fingers) his right hand."
(HR. Abu Dawud with the same lafazh 2/81, At-Tirmidhi 5/521, and see Saheeh al-Jami '4/271, no. 4865)

Counting the beads with tip of your fingers is the sunnah as finger will actually be asked and talked to. They will be witnesses of it. Then, collecting (count) beads with the fingers is more important than the string beads and stones.

Wallahu'alam (Allah knows best)

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