Sunday, November 25, 2012

what to visit in Kuwait (Doha Entertainment City)

Doha Entertainment City

Entrance fee : KD 3
Coordinate : 47o48'54.17"E and 29o20'55.26"N

This theme park was opened in February of 1983 and located on 124 acres of beautiful Arabian country.
It is Kuwait’s answer to Disneyland and located at Doha around 20 kilometres North side from the Kuwait city. This huge theme and amusement park is one of the biggest attractions of Kuwait city.

front gate
The entrance fee to this amusement park is KD 3 per person, an all-in price that allows the ticket holder to enjoy a choice of rides and amusements without paying extra. But games like Lightning, Wild Raft, Grand Prix, Fantawild 4D Theatre, Giant Slide and New Ride are not included in the entrance ticket price. You need to purchase ticket for these games separately.

looking at the maps
The park is open everyday. However there is a special day such as...
Saturday is a family day.
Mondays is closed down for a women day only. So no men allowed on Mondays.The only thing is the hours change a little bit depending on the season.
They are open longer in summer time than they are in the winter. And don't worry, they have warm winters too!

fountain in the centre park

typical Kuwait ship

roller coaster

McD resto

entrance gate view from inside

sunset in the parking area

The only thing you need to remember is take lots of money when you go to the park. There was no where to get money from in there. So make sure you have enough for the day.

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