Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Money can not buy

Abu Hurairah Radi'yallahhu 'anhu said: The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "talk nicely to a woman, because she is from a crooked rib, so if you're forced to straighten it by force it must be broken, and if you let certainly like that it will remain crooked, so advised her nicely. "(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

To be a caring, loving, and romantic husband you do not need to be such a wealthy man...
It is inside your heart...
Sometimes money can not buy what you called real love....
How can you say that you LOVE someone if your behavior is unpleasant to her..
It needs an action to prove that you are really care of someone... even only a kiss before you left her to work...

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Don't be easy to believe...(a review of First World Genting room)

When my kids asked me to go for holiday in Genting...I searched to the internet what is the nearest comfortable hotel for the family since I am going to traveling with my 3 little boys and my Mom...

There are plenty of it...but somehow I choose the First World Hotel Genting...
For the easy way I am using reason of using it, I can read at the comments from other guest...especially for the complaints.. :)

We book Superior Double or Twin room because they have interconnecting door...
Some people were complaining about the long line for check-in, the room that are not clean, so packed and no more space left ...and the last of course about the breakfast...
This hotel has around 4500 just imagine how the breakfast will be...just like high school canteen... :)

I asked the kids to pray for the ease and best for us...and be ready with the hard situation later we are going to face...
but thanks God....we get the ease...
check-in just 15 minutes ... the room is also clean and large because we get the rooms in the tower 2, which is newer than the tower 1
even during the hustle bustle...
thanks God .... God granted the kids prayer .... 
so don't just get the bad prejudice by reading or hearing only from one source
sometimes that is not really right...

here some pictures of the room in the First World Hotel Genting...

the superior double bed

Rakha were dancing to be in the TV show... :)
the other room with 2 twin beds that connecting with the master room...
the picture was taken from the connecting door..

from the other side

you can see from the window how dense the haze at the rainy season

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The true L O V E

Men's LOVE is like a mountain. It is large, constant and (unfortunately) vulnerable. When it will produce the volcanic mudflow or hot ash which can destroy anything surrounding it.

Women's LOVE is like a nail. It is just small like finger nail but keep growing silently and slowly. If you cut it, it will keeps growing and growing and growing.

In the real life we see so many domestic bullying or harrasment happened to the wife...but those strong women be able to handling it...either being cheated of her husband affair, being hurt either with the sarcastic words or physical...

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How bad her husband or her kids hurting her...she still can forgive... 
In her smile she is hiding her pain...
In her laugh she is hiding her sadness...

God created woman with a heart so tender, which could easily forgive (even though she will not forget the pain) no matter how big she faced unappropriate behaviours of the people she loved.
Women have been prepared since they were youth. When she had to feel the pain of menstruation, and so was pregnancy when she had to carry the burden that is not light for 9 months, then giving birth and breastfeeding ....

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All of it can only be done by somebody whom God have been prepared to deal with it ...

So if someone says that women are weak creatures ..... it's wrong ...
How could you say "weak" if she could give such a FORGIVENESS that men (who's labeled as STRONG) won't be able to do it...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The right position in congregational prayer

When I arrive in the mosque for early morning praying (Subuh praying) there is a woman that always take a spot on the far right of the Imam...
It does not matter she came first or later she always took that spot...
I am such fell awkward what should I do then...should I keep stand lining behind the Imam as sunnah but there is a gap between me and her...
or should I stand close to her just because she doesn't want to straighten or tighten the line...

In Islam there is a rule in praying for the position of the prayer followers...
Here I have a picture to make it easy to understand what the right position in congregation praying are...

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Hope she is reading this note and aware of her ignorance....insya Allah...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Precious time with Dad

I find some pictures that were taken long time when kiddoz are still little...
the time they spend with their Dad during his busy endless works...
hope it will mean something to them and it will be the most precious time for them...

@ Bali

@ Bandung
@ Pondok Indah home

@ Bandungan hotel

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


"Do men think that they will be left alone on saying,"We believe," and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false" 
(Al Ankabut - The Spider : 2-3)

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my dear does not always run smoothly ....

gravel needs to be careful
thorny bushes need to be alert
intersections need to wisely choose
need directions so that there is hope to the future
problems to know the strength
takes sacrifice to be willing to work hard
tears need to be humble
need a reproach to appreciate
need a laugh in order to give thanks
need to know the love smile

needs sincerity and patience to be able to accept and through the LIFE

*to someone that I care about*

(hidup tidak selamanya berjalan mulus ….

butuh batu kerikil agar berhati-hati
butuh semak berduri agar waspada
butuh persimpangan agar bijak memilih
butuh petunjuk jalan agar ada harapan menuju masa depan
butuh masalah agar tahu kekuatan
butuh pengorbanan agar mau bekerja keras
butuh airmata agar selalu rendah hati
butuh celaan agar bisa menghargai
butuh tertawa agar bisa mengucap syukur
butuh senyum agar tahu cinta kasih
butuh keikhlasan dan kesabaran untuk bisa menerima dan menjalani semua itu)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


"When my heart became constricted and my paths became narrow, I took my hope in YOUR pardon and forgiveness, as an opening and escape. My sins seemed very great to me, but when I compared them to YOUR forgiveness My Lord, I found YOUR forgiveness to be greater."  (Imam Ash-Shafi'ee)

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The authenticity of Quran

"We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption)." (Al Hijr-9)

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One of the posting in my friend Facebook made me very a moslem I feel my knowledge just about pre school level...may Allah forgive me..
I was then asking, reading and searching thru all the source I could the story of it.

She had discussion with her boss and her boss asked her, " Who scribed the Quran? How could you be so assure that nobody edited?"

The ayah's written on the top is the answer of it. 'We' in the ayah means Allah and HIS angel.
This ayah could encourage for the unbelievers to believe Al Quran and also to cut their hope for holding their misguided belief. This means that sooner or later whoever has incompatible with Quran will be defeated by the contents of it.

The hafiz (the people who memorized the Quran) will also involve in the genuineness of Quran.
Once there is somebody try to add one word in the Quran but then it is revealed...
because Allah never break HIS promises...subhanallah..HE is the one who are going to protect Al Quran from it's authenticity..

source :
- Tafsir Al Mishbah Vol.6
- Al Quran
- thank to my friend Abdan Lillahil Ahad