Saturday, July 28, 2012

KaliMilk.....the place for milk lovers in Jogja

There is always a good time when me and my kiddoz spent together...eventhough only went out to have a snack or just searching for a DVD movies or games.

last couple weeks before the Ramadhan kareem...we went to Kalimilk. On my opinion it is the best milk resto in area...

It is an outfresh air mid-resto located in North area of Jogjakarta where you can have a fresh cow milk with many different flavour such as green tea, hazelnut or cookies....
You can have in a small glass or a big one like a pitcher of beer...

and of course some snack like fried toast, rissoles, or toast with chocolate or yummy....

beef risoless, cheese fried toast and cookies milk
chicken wings
strawberry milk, green tea milk and beef risoless

The location is a little bit hard to spot on when it is your first time....
the direction maybe easier if you go to Palagan street (the road to Hyatt Hotel)...around 1.2km from the ring road you will see KIMIA Farma drugstore in the left of junction...then you just to make a right turn...on another junction turn left and just go straight until you see the KALIMILK sign in the left side...

don't need big pocket to go there..the price is quite reasonable...(in IDR)
- strawberry milk 9k
- caramel milk 10k
- cookies milk 10k
- green tea milk 10k
- hazelnut milk 12k
- rissoles with mayonnaise and cheese filled 10k (2pieces)
- french fries 10k
- chocolate cheese fried toast 6k
- fried toast with sausage 6k

milk price
snack price
If you have time visit Jogja...don't forget to try it...and you won't be regret...
bon apetite

Kalimilk Resto
Jalan Nglempongsari Raya no 251,
Yogyakarta 55581, Indonesia
+62 274 888999

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