Sunday, October 30, 2011

Being tough

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Like driving under the storm sometimes we just stop and wait until the storm has gone...
but the tough people will go thru it because they believe that the storm will end somewhere in front of it...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The key of asceticism (Zuhud)

“Zuhud” is an Arabic word and a vital concept in Islam. The English meaning is asceticism which means renouncing worldly pleasures in order to gain nearness to Allah.

According to the term, ascetic was turned away and leave something you like that are material or worldly luxury of expecting and wanting something better shape and is a spiritual/happiness hereafter.

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The Key of Asceticism (Zuhud)
(by Hasan Al-Bashri)

I know, my fortune will not be taken by someone else
Hence, my heart is calmed down

I know, my good deeds won't be done by someone else
Hence, I make my self busy doing it

I know Allah always see me
Hence, I ashamed if Allah see me doing wickedness

I know death is awaiting for me
Hence, I prepare bunch of rewards to meet my Lord

[Aku tahu , rizkiku tak mungkin diambil orang lain
Karenanya, hatiku tenang

Aku tahu,amal-amalku tak mungkin dilakukan orang lain
Maka aku sibukkan diriku untuk beramal

Aku tahu, Allah selalu melihatku
Karenanya, aku malu bila Allah mendapatiku melakukan maksiat

Aku tahu, kematian menantiku
Maka aku persiapkan bekal untuk berjumpa dengan Rabbku]

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Message on the truck

On the way to pick up my son I read this message...
It said (literally) "being home we fight, not being home we miss"
(mulih padu ora mulih rindu)

yeah it is sometimes happened with our life...

we miss our friends and family if we are apart...but if we are closed sometimes we fight....aren't we....  :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Comic character kids

Here are some pictures from the Book Week event...

Aditya the Lucky Luke

Dimas the Ben10

Rakha the Peter Pan

Axelle the Ireland Smurf

LizLong the Australian Little Red Riding Hood

Sung Hi the Korean TinkerBell

Naomi the French Girl Asterix and David the French Skinny Obelix

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Being creative :)

This week my sons school has an Annual Book Week...
They told me that at the end of the week they should dress like the character in the book they read...
hhmmmmmm....kind of interesting..

We went to the book store and let my sons picked the book they like...
Adit got the Lucky Luke
Dimas wants to be Ben10
Rakha the skinny boy would like to dress as Peter Pan

Mommy will have to use her imagination to make the costume.... :)

Lucky Luke costume for Aditya
I am using a yellow long sleeves and black t-shirt...
cut here..cut there..sewing here..sewing there...

before (I cut the neck because it's to tight...for the black one I cut the hand so it becomes U-can-see shirt that look like a vest)

after the modification
the real Lucky Luke...isn't it the same ;)

Ben10 costume for Dimas
This one is not to bad...just find a green long pants and white polo shirt...add some black material to the edge of hand, collar and the middle of polo shirt...
Buy a Chinese fake Ben10 watch...print a Ben10 sign and laminate, put a safety pin to stay in the pocket.


the real Ben10 costume

Peter Pan for Rakha
The hard one is finding the small dark green legging which gonna fit with my little one cause he is so skinny :)
For the top, just use a light green t-shirt and cut the bottom part so it wedges...use the cut material and put it in the hand...
Get the construction cartoon to make an easy good looking hat, dagger and belt

after using the imagination :)

Hopefully they will enjoy and proud to use Mommy handmade custome...
Have fun boys....I LOVE YOU....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Health Tips

With the terrorism issues nowadays the security in the airport sometimes is so unpleasant...
Have you ever been in this situation???
I've been...and it was so offensive..but then this cartoon give me a nice positive thinking :))

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

This is a real LIFE...


This morning I accompanied my Mom for shopping in traditional market...
subhanallah...I felt so touching, looked around the many old women have to struggling selling something that sometimes it is not worth it to buy...

Where are all the young people???
They prefer to work in the office, or building construction...or as sales promotion girl..
This is what you called real life....

Ughh..I wish I had plenty money like Bill Gates so I would give all of them and let them enjoying the rest of their life...

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(unfortunate I don't have a chance to take their picture with my own camera)