Friday, July 15, 2011

Make a simple tent

My oldest son Aditya told me that he has to make a tent for fire camp before the summer break...
I asked him again with emphasizing the word "make" or "bring"...
but he convinced me that he has to MAKE his own tent...

then he attempted to find out how to make an easy simple tent because he has to setup the tent by himself on the camp...
He started with his grandma handkerchief and figure it out how to make a tent...
finally he found what he wants...

He uses 360cm x 180cm canvas and makes pin hole with 90cm spacing in each side of the tent...
First you pin the center of the backstage (hole no.9)

the sketch (hole with 90cm spacing and number)
you can also add a window at the back just for circulation
don't forget to put cover in-case of rain and net so bugs won't come

then the hole between the center and the corner of backstage (hole no.8 and no.10)

 after that take to the front tent the center part of the left side (hole no.12) and you lined up to the hole no.10
do the same way with the right side (line up hole no.6 to the hole no.8)
take the corner part (hole no.11 and no.7) put inside the tent

it will make your tent look like a small rectangle with the size of 180cm x 120cm

 pull the center of front stage (hole no.3) and support with bamboo so it will stand free

 to make it stronger, add the rope on the top your tent and stick it to the ground

walla......Aditya's tent is ready...
Dad is trying to test if Aditya's tent is really sturdy... ^_^

 this is what it looks like in the fire camp
He also bring a plastic picnic mat and pillow so he can sleep like a baby... :)

look at my friend's tent..
what a colorful and creative one

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