Friday, December 9, 2011

What's in a name

"Every newborn is pledge for his aqiqah, sacrifice is made for him on the seventh day, his head is shaved ang he is given a name (a good one)." (HR. Abu Daud no. 2838, An Nasai no. 4220, Ibnu Majah nol. 3165, Ahmad 5/12. Syaikh Al Albani said this is shahih)

some people maybe really do not care what name they give to their children...but for me as a a good name is a must and inside the name is an expectation what my kids gonna be...

anyway how could you call them with such a bad word name... :)

Rakha Pangestu Putra

Rakha : good life

Pangestu : blessing

Putra : boy

Our son who is full blessing from his parents in order later to get a comfortable better life

Dimas Anggara Falah

Dimas : dearest/beloved (Javanese), little brother

Anggara : fragrances (Sanskrit), diligent

Falah : victory (Arabic)

Our beloved son who is very diligent for making a life and later will spread his fragrances (good aura) for all human kind especially his parent toward his victory


Wahyu Aditya Tama

Wahyu : grace, God entrusted

Aditya : sun (Sanskrit), smart and wise (Javanese)

Tama : the first

Our first son that God entrusts to us who would be a smart wise man and will brighten/help other people

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What a workalholic people

farmers plant padi on heavy rain

 "Indeed among those sins are sins that can not be eliminated by a prayer, almsgiving and pilgrim. But it can be erased by a difficulties and fatigue in their jobs." [HR. Ibn Babawaih and Thabrani]

It was heavy rain today and I just got back from dropping my kids to the school when I looked this view...
The farmer who are working really hard to provide the rice for us...
the rice that sometimes we left in our plate even only a grain...

They ignored the heavy drops of water pouring their back, they have to work in order to live their life...
They are truly moslem who apply the quran and hadith. They know that Islam hates lazy people who do not want to work and just rely on generosity of other people but in contrast working hard to find sustenance that God's blessing will invite grace and love of Allah.

May Allah bless you...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The right time to ask your kids pray

"O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones..." (At Tahrim - Prohibition 66: 6)

We push our kids to strive for excellence in academics. A lot of us even send our kids to the supporting courses as early as possible such as piano, math, English ... but we forgot one thing ... taught as early as possible PRAYING...

Education is indeed very important, but the significance of religious education for a balanced personality must not be overlooked. The world is producing a generation that knows a lot, but is greatly deficient in moral and spiritual values. The Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was once talking to his companions about the importance of religious education. He told them he was far from the parents of the last times. They asked him the reason and he explained that those parents would give a lot of importance to secular education, but neglect the religious education. May the Almighty protect us from being amongst them.

In Islamic way, children must be nurtured by nature with a hope that later they could be righteous Muslims since early childhood in order to make it a habit in his life ...

When a child reach age 7 years old, his parents were told by the Prophet (pbuh) ordered his children to pray. The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Command your kids to pray when he was up to seven years. And if it was up to ten years then beat him ".

it is ok kids to starts your earlier praying by looking around...but not when you grow.. :)

In another hadith the Prophet (pbuh) said, "Command all your children pray where they are seven years old and beat them when they were ten years old and be separate bed". (Narrated by Ahmad and Abu Daud).

Al-'Alqami in the book Tuhfatul Ahwadzi in syariah (the rule) Al Jami'ush Al-Sagheer said, "Let them teach things needful about the prayers especially about the terms and harmonious of prayer. And ordered them to pray after learning."
He said also that "it is simply instructed to hit that already ten years old, at that time they have been able to endure blows in general. And what hit it with a blow meant no harm and who should avoid the face in the hitting."

When should we teach our children pray?

The children must be taught the ways of prayer before ordered to do it so...the earlier the better. So they fell like praying as part of their routines..

Ibn Abid Dunya said, "It has told to us Ali ibn Al-Ja'd had explained to us from Abu Mu'awiyah Al-Hajjaj from Nafi' from Ibn 'Umar that he said, "He used to teach children to pray when the child knows right from the left."

Jundub ibn Abi Tsabit said, "They used to teach children prayers when they counted 20."

Surely not ONLY orders you gotta do but a MODEL from their own parents...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The power of hug

courtesy of Google

Every school day I sat on the school bench waiting for my sons dismiss from the class...
I like to be there earlier so that the kids will see me everytime they're out from the class...
I also have a chance to opening my hand wide so I can capture my little son running and flying to me...

But last Friday something are not usual happened..

My little one was sitting on my lap and I was kissing, cuddling and hugging him as if he was still my baby...
Suddenly his Korean friend came toward us and open up my hand and put it in my lap..he sat on my lap..well,actually on my son lap as my son sat directly on my lap..
then he put it back my hand so that now embraced two boys...he was really enjoying being embraced..his face looks so happy, smiling til I can only see one little line in his eyes... :)

Somehow I fell that he never has this situation before.....being loving, hugging, cuddling as if he is still a baby..
He misses Mom's HUG...the most powerful energy in the universe..

note :
in the science it proves that hugging will increase the hormone oxytocin (a hormone for cardiovascular health) and subtracting the hormone cortisol (a hormone that causes stress and increases blood pressure).