Sunday, November 25, 2012

what to visit in Kuwait (Doha Entertainment City)

Doha Entertainment City

Entrance fee : KD 3
Coordinate : 47o48'54.17"E and 29o20'55.26"N

This theme park was opened in February of 1983 and located on 124 acres of beautiful Arabian country.
It is Kuwait’s answer to Disneyland and located at Doha around 20 kilometres North side from the Kuwait city. This huge theme and amusement park is one of the biggest attractions of Kuwait city.

front gate
The entrance fee to this amusement park is KD 3 per person, an all-in price that allows the ticket holder to enjoy a choice of rides and amusements without paying extra. But games like Lightning, Wild Raft, Grand Prix, Fantawild 4D Theatre, Giant Slide and New Ride are not included in the entrance ticket price. You need to purchase ticket for these games separately.

looking at the maps
The park is open everyday. However there is a special day such as...
Saturday is a family day.
Mondays is closed down for a women day only. So no men allowed on Mondays.The only thing is the hours change a little bit depending on the season.
They are open longer in summer time than they are in the winter. And don't worry, they have warm winters too!

fountain in the centre park

typical Kuwait ship

roller coaster

McD resto

entrance gate view from inside

sunset in the parking area

The only thing you need to remember is take lots of money when you go to the park. There was no where to get money from in there. So make sure you have enough for the day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Add Label/Categories tabs into navigation/menu bar in BLOGGER

For a new blogger like me sometimes it is quite difficult to make your page
look fancy and informative....such as adding the navigation bar for your label.

Fortunately I found this easy trick in this page...thanks though..

coz I am afraid that this page won't be available anymore..I decide to also copy the content of it...

1. The fist step for you is to group your post into label, but if you don't know how to do this read this How to group blog posts into label.

2. After you label your post, check under each post you group under the same label, you will find the label title below them, click on your label title, it will list out all post that you group under the same label, copy your label url from your browser.
You can use right click and copy link location.

Example: the url for "Blogger Tips" on this blog is, if you click on the url it will list out the entire post grouped under "Blogger Tips".
*note: if you don't have space on your label you DO NOT need to add "%20". This is only if you have space in your label/categories.

3. Now to add your label url to navigation bar (Pages)
If you using old blogger dashboard switch to the new blogger dashboard.
Now login to your blogger dashboard > go to "Pages" > click on "New pages" > "Web address" as shown in the image below.

A new window will display as shown below

Choose a title for your page and enter your copied label url in the second box provided.
Click on "Save"
Now set your tab visible on your blog, to do that, click on "Top tabs" to choose where you want your navigation tab to be display. then click on "Save arrangement" at the top right corner.
View your blog to see your page(tab), click on it, all post under the label you link to it, should be displayed.

Then you are done.... :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

KaliMilk.....the place for milk lovers in Jogja

There is always a good time when me and my kiddoz spent together...eventhough only went out to have a snack or just searching for a DVD movies or games.

last couple weeks before the Ramadhan kareem...we went to Kalimilk. On my opinion it is the best milk resto in area...

It is an outfresh air mid-resto located in North area of Jogjakarta where you can have a fresh cow milk with many different flavour such as green tea, hazelnut or cookies....
You can have in a small glass or a big one like a pitcher of beer...

and of course some snack like fried toast, rissoles, or toast with chocolate or yummy....

beef risoless, cheese fried toast and cookies milk
chicken wings
strawberry milk, green tea milk and beef risoless

The location is a little bit hard to spot on when it is your first time....
the direction maybe easier if you go to Palagan street (the road to Hyatt Hotel)...around 1.2km from the ring road you will see KIMIA Farma drugstore in the left of junction...then you just to make a right turn...on another junction turn left and just go straight until you see the KALIMILK sign in the left side...

don't need big pocket to go there..the price is quite reasonable...(in IDR)
- strawberry milk 9k
- caramel milk 10k
- cookies milk 10k
- green tea milk 10k
- hazelnut milk 12k
- rissoles with mayonnaise and cheese filled 10k (2pieces)
- french fries 10k
- chocolate cheese fried toast 6k
- fried toast with sausage 6k

milk price
snack price
If you have time visit Jogja...don't forget to try it...and you won't be regret...
bon apetite

Kalimilk Resto
Jalan Nglempongsari Raya no 251,
Yogyakarta 55581, Indonesia
+62 274 888999

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sandstorm in Kuwait

view from my apartment

It is already 5 months I lived in Kuwait and not even a day since then this city has a very clear blue sky with fresh air...always dusty or sandy.

Especially during the transition time...sandstorm is like a daily menu for you and putting your mask in your hand bag is a must because it is unpredictable.

My friends told me that during the time when summer is about to coming, sandstorm will be very extremely bad.

courtesy of Ernawati

The sound of dust and sand hit the billboard or high building make a noisy sound...
so please stay away from any billboard if you don't wanna be crushed.

Just by looking at the windows and hear the sound of wind from your apartment or home you will know how bad the sandstorm or you are in the middle of it...
If the light from the window changing to yellowish then the sandstorm is quite bad....and if getting dark with rain and thunder...we are in the middle of it...

courtesy of Ernawati

If you are trying to avoid the dust or sand coming to your apartment or are totally in vain. So just let them pass first...
However, once it gotta clean it up immediately otherwise it will be so sticky and very hard to remove it.

What another colour of life I got from living in the Mid-East area...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

labbaik allahumma umrotan

courtesy of Google

there is always a worry and hope when my desire to come back to YOUR home fulfill my chest...
there is a fear that I am a sinful man who is not worthy to kneel at YOUR home ...

O God, I resigned myself to YOU...
I beg for YOUR help...
I beg YOUR mercy...

allow me to kneel on YOUR home...
allow me to immerse myself in a wave of circumambulation in YOUR home...

labbaik allahumma umrotan...
I came to the call for umra...

*selalu ada cemas dan harap ketika keinginan untuk berkunjung ke rumah MU ya Allah begitu penuh mendesak dadaku....
ada rasa takut bahwa aku manusia yang penuh dengan dosa ini belum pantas untuk bersujud di rumah MU...

ya Allah aku pasrahku diriku kepada MU...
aku mohon petolongan MU....
aku mohon kasih MU....
ijinkan aku untuk bersujud di rumah MU...
ijinkan aku untuk melebur dalam gelombang tawaf di rumah MU...

labbaik allahumma umrotan...
kudatang memenuhi panggilan MU untuk berumroh....*

Saturday, March 24, 2012

sleep in Islamic way

"Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding. Those who remember Allah (always, and in prayers) standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and think deeply about the creation of the heavens and the earth.'' (Ali Imran - The Family of Imran : 190,191)

I always stay with my sons before they go to bed in the night...just for reading a book, talking about their day or laughing....and of course a little reminder about good deeds...

One night I told them about what a moslem should be done before they went to sleep...

1. Performing ablution.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) told Al-Baraa` bin Aazib (RA) "If you go to your bed, then do your ablution as you would do it for prayer, then lie on your right". (Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim)

2. Sweep your bed.

"When any of you goes to bed, he should shake off (or dust off) his bedsheet because he does not know what might have fallen on it after he had left it." (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

This Hadith calls our attention to a very important matter that before going to bed, we must shake off our bed-sheet, mattresses, etc. It is quite possible that some poisonous insect might have passed over it when we are not there and the effects left by it may prove harmful to us.

3.  Supplication before sleep.

Hudhaifah and Abu Dharr (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) used to supplicate when he went to bed at night: "Bismik-Allahumma ahya wa amut (With Your Name, O Allah, I expire and return to life)." (hadith Al-Bukhari)

4. Recite Al Quran.

Recite Ayat Al Kursi, Al Ikhlas (The Purity of Faith) three times, Al Falaq (The Dawn) and An Nas (Mankind).

Abu Amamah (ra) narrates that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that whomsoever recites ayat Al-Kursi in the night before sleeping, Allah Most High will protect him, his house and the neighbouring houses.

The Prophet once told Lady Fatima (peace be upon her) to recite the entire Qur'an, perform one Hajj and one Umrah, make all the believers pleased with her, and receive the intercession of all the Prophets before going to bed every single night.
When she asked how such a feat could be accomplished, he taught her that reciting Surah Al Ikhlas (The Purity of Faith) three times would be equivalent to the reward of reciting the whole Qur'an, reciting Tasbehaat Arba three times would equal the reward of one Hajj and one Umrah, asking for the forgiveness of the believers will make all of them pleased with her, and sending peace and blessings upon the Prophets would guarantee her their intercession on the Day of Judgment.

There are still some manners to do before sleep...but at this time I just told them to do those four points first...

May Allah bless and protect you from bad deeds my son...

Friday, March 23, 2012

I have bad dream...

It is still 07:15 am when I got this phone call

"Mom, I have a bad dream", I heard my youngest one crying in the other side of phone. I was wondering cause he should be in his way to the school by taxi.
"It is ok honey...just stop crying and istighfar (seeking forgiveness from Allah)," I said
"Ok Mom," he replied but still in his cry
"Can I talk to Aditya (he is my oldest one)".
then he gave the phone to his big brother...when I heard Aditya's voice I just told him to cuddle his brother hoping that he will be more calm and secure.

In the night before they went to bed, I always stayed with them just to talking or laughing and of course my main purpose is to remind them praying before they slept.
However this time we talked about the bad dream that my youngest son had this morning.
"Rakha, could you tell us what dream you had this morning"
"It is about LEGO man Mom. I become LEGO man and somebody try to take of my leg and my I was so scared and I cried".
"It is maybe because sometimes you become so mean to your friend,"my oldest son said

"A good dream is from Allah, so if anyone of you saw a dream which he liked, he should not tell it to anybody except to the one whom he loves, and if he saw a dream which he disliked, then he should seek refuge with Allah from its evil and from the evil of Satan, and spit three times (on his left) and should not tell it to anybody, for it will not harm him." (Hadith - Bukhari 9:168, narrated Abu Salama)

then he continued his speech :)
"next time if you have bad dream...just don't cry...wake up and blow or spit three times to your left side and istighfar".
He kept talking,"You should listen to the Friday preach and not sleeping during the preach".
"Yeah...your brother is right...that what you should do when you have a bad dream," I said...

thanks God that my son knows what to do and listen what the Imam (priest) said during the Friday pray....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hand prayer beads (tasbih tangan)

Subhanallah...HE is the best creator, the All-Knowing....

Every day when you walk in the Arab country either in shopping mall, traditional market or even in cineplex you will see many people bringing a prayer beads in their hand in order to remembrance Allah.
However if you forget to bring the beads with you doesn't mean you can't do it...
Allah created our hands to fulfil the needs to glorify HIM...

courtesy of Google

As hadith said :

"I saw the Prophet counting beads readings (with fingers) his right hand."
(HR. Abu Dawud with the same lafazh 2/81, At-Tirmidhi 5/521, and see Saheeh al-Jami '4/271, no. 4865)

Counting the beads with tip of your fingers is the sunnah as finger will actually be asked and talked to. They will be witnesses of it. Then, collecting (count) beads with the fingers is more important than the string beads and stones.

Wallahu'alam (Allah knows best)

Thursday, February 23, 2012 is so close so true...

"Every soul shall have a taste of death: and only on the Day of Judgement shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): for the life of thi world is but goods and chattels of deception." (Ali Imran - The Family of Imran : 185)

This couple last week my email was filled with the news of my friends's deep condolence for them.
Age is not a matter, some of them are younger than me...either they are sick or a sudden one with no reason or sign before.
Everytime I hear about DEATH....I keep asking my self...will my good deeds be enough to take me to the place where everybody wants it desperately...HEAVEN...

courtesy of Google

Death is the only thing that is will happen with every living things. Nobody will know when the time comes....
It maybe to aware us to be always being good, prepare for the time. We must be obedient to God, obey the Messenger and always do right.
People whose prayers will granted by Allah are those who believe, obey, practice the sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him), many good works, widely credited to others and away from sin and immoral behaviour.
So when our time comes, we will end our live in khusnul khotimah (good end).

Always cultivate a sense of fear and hope, the FEAR of too many sins we made and HOPE that Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful will always give grace to those who wished.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Honor your wife !

"The most perfect believers are the most good faith behavior, and the best of you is the best to his wife." (Narrated by At-Tirmidhi, hasan hadeeth shohih)

courtesy of Google

honor your wife as Allah's honor her in the Qur'an...

honor her by leading her to the path that ALLAH blessed...

honor her with gentle advised, as she was created from your crooked rib...

honor her with sincerity at a time when praying morning and evening...

The righteous woman is the pillar, cornerstone and foundation of the Muslim family....she is the one who are nurturing your descendant...
Your kids will be a strong moslem if they grow up in the hand of happy mother in the home where a lot of tranquilise air.

(muliakanlah istri sebagaimana Allah memuliakannya dalam Al-Qur'an,
muliakanlah dia dengan mengarahkannya kepada jalan yang Allah ridhoi,
muliakanlah dia dengan menasehatinya dengan cara yang baik karena dia tercipta dari tulang rusukmu yang bengkok ujungnya,
muliakanlah dia dengan doa keikhlasan diwaktu pagi dan petang)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Being nice to others

"Who is helping another brother then Allah will write for him seven good for every step that he did" (Narrated by Tabaraani).

From Abu Hurairah r.a, from the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "He who alleviates the suffering of a brother out of the sufferings of the world, Allah would alleviate his suffering from the sufferings of the Day of Resurrection, and he who finds relief for one who is hard pressed, Allah would make things easy for him in the Hereafter, and he who conceals (the faults) of a Muslim, Allah would conceal his faults in the world and in the Hereafter. God has always helped his servant who help his brother....." (narrated by Muslim)

On chilled morning January 30, 2012, I and my 3 sons have to get thru some processes in order to get my Kuwait resident visa.
We arrived around 9 am in my husband office but we have to wait for ~30’ before my husband came out with his HR friend. Then we drove to the building in Fahaheel, I have no idea what this building for, I can only read some words in the front mirror such as:
- health inssurance
- photocopy and typing
- finger print
- blood test
*only those I can remember*

I saw so many South Asia people, some African and some Philippines in queue.

There were 2 men working in the front desk who typing the registration form with manual typewriter another 1 man doing the copying and 1 man sitting in the small desk a little inside (maybe he is the supervisor cause he is only shouting.....hhmmm or maybe he is ordering his colleagues as the way Arabic people talking is in high pitch).

Can’t believe in this rich country on the decade of high technology they still use manual typewriter also the building is quite small (2.5m x 7m).

After we bought the KWD 10’s seal in the vending machine, we had to wait ~45’ to let them typing the registration form.

Then the HR man took us to the building next to the registration office. From my view this is look like hospital allocated only for the visa applicants. We went down to the basement, gave our registration form and passport to the locket and waited for ~10’ before they gave it back our passport with a small blood sample’s tube for me and my oldest son as he is already 12years.

Me and my 12y son went to the blood test queue while my husband took my 9y and 7y sons to the BCG vaccination’s room. I kept reminding my husband to tell the nurse that our sons have already had the BCG’ vaccine and which part of their body they had. But then he came back to me and asked me to come to the nurse as he couldn’t find the BCG’s shot in my sons body….as usual Mom is always the one that KNOWS everything in the family.... :)
I showed to the nurse and…..wallaaa…my kids doesn’t need another one…thanks GOD..

I came back to my queue and now it was only 2 women in front of me. I could see 2 Indian nurses who were going to take my blood. No smile in their face, they look so unfriendly. I could only praise if they will do it gently with me..... Frankly, I was a little bit nervous as I know some nurses in Arabic countries did it harshly. I had this experience before.

When my turn came and she put the needle in my vena….it happened again….she didn’t do it gently. Unfortunately it happened too with my oldest son.

After blood sample, we went to the other building across the road to have our chest x-ray. This chest x-ray is only for applicants who are older than 12y.

From the beginning until this step I never found a friendly sweet-face even only for a little tiny smile. This is an Arabic country where they know the hadith…the way our prophet (peace be upon him) teach us to be nice to someone else.

The Prophet said, "Your smile for your brother is a charity." (narrated by Bukhari).

smile makes a positive aura (courtesy of Google)

In another hadith it is mentioned that the smile is worship, "Smile when you meet your brother is a worship." (HR Trimidzi, Ibn Hibban, and Sufism).

From the chest x-ray we had to go to the other building in another area just to get my finger print. It took 10’ drive…don’t you think this process is so effective…  ;)

We arrived to the building and one humble nice man greeted us….
Ooo…it is like finding an oasis in the middle of you thirst…He served us nicely, I think he is the only one who know customer satisfaction… :)

Again he typed my data in his computer, this is the third times my data been input to the computer. I think they don’t have an online main database.

Then he asked me to go to the second floor. I went to the 2nd floor and found only Arabic sign….I really get lost…
Hopefully there is someone could help me….and I saw there were 4 men in guard uniform sit, talked and laughed. My husband asked them where I can have my finger print….in a high pitch voice with humiliated face he answered “It is closed!!!! Just get back tomorrow”.

outrages will only wasting your energy (courtesy of Google)

How could be !!! The guys downstairs just asked us to go here…then I took a deep breath and praised to Allah that HE will soften this men. I talked with them and asked again nicely…suddenly he said, “Just go to that room and ask them if they are still open.”
Why didn’t they do that at the first time we asked? Why they have to lose their energy with anger? And of course they already did bad deeds….may Allah forgives them.
Don’t they know that helping someone else is worship and a must for a good Muslim?

From Abu Hurairah ra, the Prophet, said: "He who fired a distress of a believer, Allah will remove from him a distress on the Day of Judgement. Any person who makes other people's business is easy, surely God will make it easier in the world and the Hereafter. Anyone who covered the disgrace of a Muslim, Allah will cover her shame in the world and the Hereafter. God always helped His servant for His servant helps his brother's love ". (Narrated by Muslim, see also the collection of hadith An Nawawi hadith Arba'in to 36).

We went to the room he pointed out…and it was still open…there are 3 women in black abaya in the locket….with no smiley face, she brought my passport and took me to the finger print machine…
This is the only high technology machine that they used in this whole processes I have been thru.

When I finished the finger print process, the HR man told my husband that I and my kids can go back home….what a release…
My husband and he went back the “hospital” building to get my 9y and 7y sons medical test result whilst we still have to wait another 10 days for me and my 12y son. What a long processes…

It turns out to be a very complicated bureaucracy process comparing to my own country Indonesia and even Libya….
However what I heard it will not happened if you are a western people who hold USA or UK passport…

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet memory of drizzle

It is drizzle in Kuwait today...and I am walking to the little shop next to my apartment...
suddenly sweet memories come to my brain and fly me away back to my childhood in my lovely hometown...
the smell of the ground dropped by the rain...
the humid air surrounding me...

courtesy of Google

O Lord...there is nothing I can say how gorgeous this feeling...

sometimes the smell of something can make you fell so HAPPY
sometimes it can also make you feel so miserable...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Each kid is unique

not because they are not in the 10 top rank, our kids are not clever

not because their math score is under the average class score, our kids are not smart

our kid is a great potential with all the privileges that GOD has been carved differently in each of HIS creature ... 
love them with all its uniqueness ...