Saturday, October 15, 2011

The key of asceticism (Zuhud)

“Zuhud” is an Arabic word and a vital concept in Islam. The English meaning is asceticism which means renouncing worldly pleasures in order to gain nearness to Allah.

According to the term, ascetic was turned away and leave something you like that are material or worldly luxury of expecting and wanting something better shape and is a spiritual/happiness hereafter.

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The Key of Asceticism (Zuhud)
(by Hasan Al-Bashri)

I know, my fortune will not be taken by someone else
Hence, my heart is calmed down

I know, my good deeds won't be done by someone else
Hence, I make my self busy doing it

I know Allah always see me
Hence, I ashamed if Allah see me doing wickedness

I know death is awaiting for me
Hence, I prepare bunch of rewards to meet my Lord

[Aku tahu , rizkiku tak mungkin diambil orang lain
Karenanya, hatiku tenang

Aku tahu,amal-amalku tak mungkin dilakukan orang lain
Maka aku sibukkan diriku untuk beramal

Aku tahu, Allah selalu melihatku
Karenanya, aku malu bila Allah mendapatiku melakukan maksiat

Aku tahu, kematian menantiku
Maka aku persiapkan bekal untuk berjumpa dengan Rabbku]

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