Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sandstorm in Kuwait

view from my apartment

It is already 5 months I lived in Kuwait and not even a day since then this city has a very clear blue sky with fresh air...always dusty or sandy.

Especially during the transition time...sandstorm is like a daily menu for you and putting your mask in your hand bag is a must because it is unpredictable.

My friends told me that during the time when summer is about to coming, sandstorm will be very extremely bad.

courtesy of Ernawati

The sound of dust and sand hit the billboard or high building make a noisy sound...
so please stay away from any billboard if you don't wanna be crushed.

Just by looking at the windows and hear the sound of wind from your apartment or home you will know how bad the sandstorm or you are in the middle of it...
If the light from the window changing to yellowish then the sandstorm is quite bad....and if getting dark with rain and thunder...we are in the middle of it...

courtesy of Ernawati

If you are trying to avoid the dust or sand coming to your apartment or are totally in vain. So just let them pass first...
However, once it gotta clean it up immediately otherwise it will be so sticky and very hard to remove it.

What another colour of life I got from living in the Mid-East area...

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