Saturday, July 30, 2011

Worthless to priceless (JeJamuran...everything from mushroom resto)

Last week we went to the restaurant that really impressed me...not because the atmosphere that make me cozy or stunning but the food is very special...
The resto named "JeJamuran" means everything from mushroom.
It takes 30minutes northward from jalan Malioboro in Yogyakarta - the has to visit street in Yogyakarta.

the billboard sign

Many people from different countries come here to spoiled their appetite...see the welcome board..can you find yours... :)

Food lovers told us that you will be deceived by the looked and taste of the food...
We are so excited to wait the food ready to serve..

Not too long, the food is ready...........

the unbearable menu


sweet and sour oyster mushroom

can not wait for long...we finish them all....
Dimas feels so full...the foods go to his eyes....

What we learn from this resto is DO NOT JUDGE THE BOOK FROM COVER...

It is only mushroom but the chef can make it so delicious until you won't know it is mushroom...and the price is even more suprising for the first class taste like it...only around 5k-15k rupiah (~60cents - 1.5 USD perportion)...
Try it and you will not be disappointed..

JeJamuran resto :
Niron Pandowoharjo
Sleman Yogyakarta 55512
Telp. +62-274-868170


  1. nice review mbak...i hope someday i can visit this resto..:)

  2. most welcome..and I will treat you then ^_^