Friday, December 9, 2011

What's in a name

"Every newborn is pledge for his aqiqah, sacrifice is made for him on the seventh day, his head is shaved ang he is given a name (a good one)." (HR. Abu Daud no. 2838, An Nasai no. 4220, Ibnu Majah nol. 3165, Ahmad 5/12. Syaikh Al Albani said this is shahih)

some people maybe really do not care what name they give to their children...but for me as a a good name is a must and inside the name is an expectation what my kids gonna be...

anyway how could you call them with such a bad word name... :)

Rakha Pangestu Putra

Rakha : good life

Pangestu : blessing

Putra : boy

Our son who is full blessing from his parents in order later to get a comfortable better life

Dimas Anggara Falah

Dimas : dearest/beloved (Javanese), little brother

Anggara : fragrances (Sanskrit), diligent

Falah : victory (Arabic)

Our beloved son who is very diligent for making a life and later will spread his fragrances (good aura) for all human kind especially his parent toward his victory


Wahyu Aditya Tama

Wahyu : grace, God entrusted

Aditya : sun (Sanskrit), smart and wise (Javanese)

Tama : the first

Our first son that God entrusts to us who would be a smart wise man and will brighten/help other people

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