Monday, May 30, 2011

Aisyah the True Beauty

Finally after I hold my patient for the last one year...I found this book..
this book is not a new one but seems the publisher out of stock and underestimate the launching of this book...


I was so exciting to read it until the last chapter...

This book was written to let the Islam woman take a lesson from her.
Like tasting the will feel the sour, sweet and bitter of her life.
She was still young when she married prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him) and she has been chosen by Allah....however she is so precocious.

She is brightly smart, she can remember most of the Hadith and Quran.
She becomes the guru for people who want to learn about Hadith as she is the one who spend more time with prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him).

One of ayah in Quran was revealed when she was in bed with her husband.
The other one was revealed when she has being slander for doing adulterous.
The mixing of her childish nature, her jealousy and her strong character make her having such a beautiful  mind as a woman.

This book is really good for us as an Islam women.
Make her as our figure to reflect ours and spur on us to become as 'smart' as her..

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