Monday, May 9, 2011


outside the airport

It was drizzle on Wednesday Feb 23 morning. It's probably 15,000 men, women and children were besieged at Tripoli's international airport, shouting, screaming for seats to flee from Libya. Most of them have no tickets just try their luck to get the free flight back home safe. Most of them were paying Libyan officer bribe after bribe to reach the check-in desk in a rain-soaked.

Hungry, desperate refuges and exhausted officer make it more complex. Many were trampled (including my little one) as Libyan security savagely beat those who pushed their way to the front. As the outcome 2 front thick glass doors were broken. Some of them had been living at the airport under the breeze winter for two or even three days without food and proper sanitation.

I was lucky, thanks God, that I could flee from this uprising. Even though it took 4days for me to fly for my lovely hometown which usually only takes 15hours...

Please pray for everybody who has to get thru this nightmare....

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