Sunday, September 4, 2011

Philosophy of Tumpeng...the cone shaped rice

For Javanese people, this food is very commons in their ceremony, such as birthday or inauguration of a new house.
Usually it was made of yellow rice or white rice depends on the ceremony itself. For birthday generally using yellow rice which showing the happiness and joy, and for inauguration of a new house they use white rice which symbolized purity as they are hoping all the family members will be.

white cone rice with veggies,anchovy,eggs,tempe and tofu

Cone is a cone-shaped pile of rice, soaring upward. This form stores the meaning of hope to our lives even more "up" and "high". That's why a conical shape should still be maintained and not altered in other forms, though may be beautiful to look at the new form as a stupa it was still made conical.

Cone is also a symbol of life and the ecosystem. The towering cone of rice also symbolizes the glory of God as the creator of nature and its contents.

It is surrounded by assorted Indonesian dishes and every single part in the cone rice has a symbolic meaning.
Some veggies were picked to symbolized different aims. String bean (kacang panjang) means thinking far ahead and innovative. Bean sprout means growing. Water spinach (kangkung) means protect and reached. Spinach means calm.
Red chilli on the top of the cone is a symbol of fire which gives lighting/models that are beneficial to others.

Usually the eggs were served with the shell so you have to peel it before you can eat it, which symbolized there is nothing so easy in this world.

Anchovy fish (ikan asin) life at sea and always clustered symbolizing togetherness and harmony.

chicken ingkung as a complimentary of cone rice

A whole rooster cooked with thick coconut milk and turmeric (ayam ingkung).
It is a symbol of worship God solemnly with calm heart . Sobriety is achieved by controlling the self and the patient. Slaughtered rooster also has meaning to avoid the bad habit (represented by red roosters) among other things: arrogant, conceited, always interrupted when speaking, unfaithful.

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