Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Loving Caring Dad...

This morning I got something unusual from my Facebook...a touching note that makes my tears drop.
A story about nurturing our kids. How LOVE plays role in our life.

Here are the story   *free translation from the article by Neno Warisman*
When my first son was born, he has a dark skin like his father. I told to my husband, "Subhanallah (God Heaven), he is just looked like you." My husband replied, "Is that really what you one right. If the boy you wanna be like me." I nodded and he went back to his work as usual.

I named my son Ahmad following the Prophet (peace be upon him) calls. Year after year he grows up as a smart boy like his Dad. We are so proud of him.

We celebrated his 5th birthday by inviting our big family to our home. But somehow Ahmad felt so bored and frustrated with his party. He just wanted to play with his Dad who was so busy walking around talking to all the guest. Suddenly he climbed his Dad's back and it made his Dad was so angry. I did not know why my husband acted like that. Perhaps he thought that Ahmad is not a little boy anymore.

Then Ahmad felt down from his Dad's back because his Dad didn't want to hang around with him. It made his face red, burst into tears. On his 5th birthday he was hurt and humiliated. His Dad done something unpleasant to him. Since that day he became so quiet boy, joyless and like to stay in his room alone. He changed into an anger boy.

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I attempted to discuss this with my husband but he has no interest. He was drowning with his paper, working with his due thesis. He said that he did not want to get involved with a SMALL problem. Astagfirullah (may Allah forgive him).

Time went by, Ahmad has graduated from his bachelor degree. He married and gave me a grandson. When his wife gave a birth his first son, she told him,"Honey, he is look like you. He has a dark skin." Ahmad was offended and with no attention said," Is that as you want, if boy you wanna be like me. It is not my fault but your wish."
I was there listening the conversation. It shocked me, felt like dejavu for me. I felt something burn in my heart.

Oneday we visited Ahmad's home. Ahmad junior was in his hand. Suddenly Ahmad was so upset because the little innocent baby boy was leak on his hand. He shouted to his wife,"Why don't you put a diapers to him." Then he handed over his baby to his wife roughly and went rushed to the bathroom to clean up his clothes.

My husband kept reading his newspaper not bothering et all with the atmosphere. I felt something want to explode from my chest. The hard pain I buried for years melt down. I was cried out loud. I grabbed the newspaper my husband read and told him,"Do you remember what's happening on Ahmad's 5th birthday. You slammed Ahmad to the floor just because you don't want to be bothered. I ask you to fix it but keep saying you are busy. Do you listen what Ahmad just said? Do you? He doesn't like his baby leak on him. He feel strange to his own son."

O Allah, bestow blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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Oh my prophet (peace be upon him), I want my son following you, behave like you, admiring you.
You carried your grandsons on your back, you chased them and played with them, you even looked at a kid when his bird pet was died. You are the one who also told a mother who took her sons very rough from your lap just because the baby leak at you, "This dirt can be wiped out, but can you replace the soft nerves that broke in his head?"
You are a noble man that has a soft heart...

I staring at my husband who is glued. I looked at my son that stood still like a hard rock. I looked at them, tears dropped from my eyes. I can not be desperate from God mercy.

Then I hold my husband rigid hand, I walked him close to Ahmad and put his hand on Ahmad's hair. Let him stroking his son's hair. Ahmad was so trembling, shaking, he never felt this soft lovely touch from his Dad for a long time....

I said to both of them, "Please do this for the one who can be passed away anytime. I can't give anything except LOVE. Please give your LOVE for every baby boy who are going to born and will give you your next generation. Do it for a big changes in our family and the rest of the world. There won't be any PEACE in this world if you never teach your son LOVE, affection, intimacy speech, caring. Not only a lesson for being valiant but has no HEART...

There was a tears in the eyes of those two sturdy men. Not easy to to change something that being stuck for years...but there is no word for being LATE..and I believe God will help you to solve your problems.

Now those two men start to learn for being a good grandpa and father. Carrying the baby, changing the diapers and even pretending to masterpiece his future...thanks God you always be there when I need you...

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Now their laugh fill my heart with happiness. I entrust my three men I love to YOU, someday when I meet you my prophet (peace be upon him) I just want to say, "I try as hard as I could to ask my son to be like you."

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